We’re pleased about the recognition that HILOTHERAPY enjoys with experts in German clinical medicine. Read statements by renowned physicians here!

Oral, jaw, facial surgery field

“In our clinic for oral, jaw, and plastic facial surgery, we have multiple HILOTHERAPY devices in constant use. Especially after bimaxillary corrective osteotomies, we achieve astonishing results with HILOTHERAPY regarding swelling and pain prevention. Not least because of the high acceptance and climbing demand for post-operative HILOTHERAPY application on the part of our patients, the devices are indispensable in our course of treatment for surgeries both big and small."

Dr. Majeed Rana, Private Lecturer, Head Physician, Consulting Physician for Oral, Jaw, and Facial Surgery, Plastic and Aesthetic Operation, Specialized Dentist for Oral Surgery, Clinic and Polyclinic for Oral, Jaw, and Facial Surgery, Hannover Medical School.

“As original HILOTHERAPY users, we treat our patients after jaw surgeries, namely directly after treatment for a duration of 1-2 hours. Since the release
of the Hilotherm Homecare device, we give it to our patients for a duration of three to four days, even at home so they can continue the HILOTHERAPY. The results speak for themselves. Our patients are also spared from swelling and hematomas after surgeries like wisdom teeth operations, implants, etc. The healing process is substantially acceleration, combined with a reduction of post-operative pain, which is why our patients hardly ever have to take any pain medication.”

Dres. Beck, Birkenhagen, Peters und Partner,
practice and clinic for jaw and facial surgery, Böblingen, Germany

Plastic & aesthetic surgery field

“In our clinic for plastic and aesthetic surgery, HILOTHERAPY represents an important factor for success in facelifts and brow lifts. The innovative concept of constant cooling helps provide our patients with rapid healing and recovery for social activities. These positive effects of the cooling cuff are appreciated not just by our patients, but also our team of specialists. The system makes our job significantly easier – especially in post-operative after-care.”

Dr. Volker Alt, MD – Plastic and aesthetic surgeon, KÖ-Klinik Düsseldorf, Germany

Field of orthopedics & emergency surgery

“We achieve an optimal result when applying HILOTHERAPY for our surgical patients. The patients perceive the treatment as very pleasant. Post-operative swelling, bleeding, or hematoma formations are distinctly lower with the therapy. HILOTHERAPY is a set component of our practice clinic, and indispensable when it comes to the optimal care of our patients.”

Dr. Klaus Steinhauser, MD, orthopedist and sports physician, Orthopädische Praxisklinik für ambulante Kniegelenk-Operationen, Karlsruhe, Germany

Sports medicine field

We’ve been working with Hilotherapy for some time. We mainly use it pre- and post-operatively for ligament injuries, contusions, knee injuries, etc. We’re able to shorten our players’ downtimes significantly through Hilotherapy.”

Dr. Hanns Christian Harzmann, team doctor of the U21 national team of the DFB

Home use

Ever since the introduction of the Hilotherm Homecare device, we have given it to our patients for three to four days at home in order to be able to continue hilotherapy there. The facts speak for themselves. Our patients are, as far as possible, also spared swellings and haematomas following surgical procedures such as wisdom teeth operation, implants, etc. The healing process is accelerated considerably, combined with a reduction in post-operative pain, which is why our patients hardly ever have to take painkillers anymore.“

Dres. Beck, Birkenhagen, Peters und Partner, Practice & clinic for oral and maxillofacial surgery, Böblingen

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